Meet Dr. McClurg

Dr. James McClurg is a triple board certified orthopedic surgeon with over 31 years of orthopaedic experience.  As a leading expert in advanced arthroscopic surgical techniques, he was one of the first pioneers in San Diego to perform minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures for shoulders and knees, which are routine today.   He has been in private practice for over 26 years and has an excellent track record, having treated over 15,000 patients with outstanding surgical results.

Known for his compassionate and caring demeanor, Dr. McClurg not only has a reputation for impeccable surgical outcomes, but is also recognized amongst his peers and sought after for his skills in arthroscopic revision surgeries and challenging orthopedic cases using innovative and advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Understanding that a patient in pain may feel vulnerable and overwhelmed, Dr. McClurg takes the time to listen.  He believes that open patient-doctor communication is the single most important element in both accurate diagnoses and the healing process.  He feels the patient should be empowered with knowledge and be made an active participant in the decision making process to achieve the best possible outcome. Effective communication promotes trust and understanding of the treatment goal.  His easy bedside manner and sense of humor are his signature trademark.

Dr. McClurg’s experience and personal attention help make it easier to get the results you need. His ultimate goal is helping to minimize pain, restore function and provide treatment options to help patients back to an active, productive and fulfilling life.

 “I’ve spent most of my adult life focused on orthopedic medicine, specifically advanced surgery.  I thrive on the challenge, knowledge and technical skill it requires.  What’s most gratifying however is how I am able to help my patients with procedures that lead to faster recovery.  Being instrumental in getting you back to a productive fulfilling life is an honor for me”

James R. McClurg, MD